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While Blair Waldorf’s iconic headbands are sweet, and Kate Middleton’s hat collection is lady-like perfection...we figured it was about time to up the hair accessories anties. And the perfect player? The Turban. The stylish, cherry on top, accessory that is taking Fall/winter by storm.


Originating in the Middle East, the turban became a trend in western fashion in the late 18th century as trade imports from India increased. Since then, the turban has been sprinkled in and out of fashion as an opulent and bold accessory.

The most recent resurgence of the turban is a lingering nod to the 1970s disco revival trend that graced the runways in 2006. If you’re following fall fashion, you’ll notice how this season, plaid is king. The turban, in all of its grandeur, contrasts the “boys club” look perfectly. From daytime satin to nighttime velvet, the turban adds quite the exotic flair.

While nothing is quite as glamorous as a turban with elegant evening wear, one of our favorite ways to rock the trend is with street style. It instantly elevates your boyfriend jeans and classic t-shirt weekend look (plus it covers up last night’s greasy roots).

Next time you roll out of bed with a bad hair day, branch out with this trend. Brush your hair into a messy bun and add a silky scarf. Voila! Instant “Girl with a Pearl Earring” chic!

But in true 2017 style, we do have one thing to mention! While fashion is all about expressing yourself, it’s important to acknowledge that just because something is a trend in western culture, doesn’t mean an article of clothing or accessory hasn’t been around for thousands of years. The turban comes from a long line of African queens and is part of Islam and Sikhism religions. While you’re online shopping, read a bit more about the history and symbolism of the turban and decide if this is the right trend for you! Better yet, reach out to your friends of middle eastern/African descent and see how they feel about the trend. While trends are fun to rock for yourself, fashion has an even larger role in creating discussion across cultures. 



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