Hey sweater dress, it’s time for an update.

        If there was a fall wardrobe hall of fame, the iconic sweater dress would easily make the cut. They’re versatile and oh so cozy. We’ve all been there where we don’t have time to match a shirt and pant together and the sweater dress can be a throw-on outfit wonder. But if fall after fall has left your sweater dress feeling blah, it’s time to edge it up. Accessories have a way of keeping our favorite pieces up-to-date.

Sure, it’s easy to throw on a classic sweater dress (like this one by A.L.C) and head out the door. But we never turn down the opportunity to style a look from head to toe to...fingertips. How amazing are these moto gloves by Karl Lagerfeld!? We’re having some serious glove love here. These are the perfect outfit boost for days when you’re feeling extra fierce. Major plus: they’re fingerless, so text away while wearing them!

Is it magic? No, it’s Stuart Weitzman. In the December Elle there is an article attesting to Weitzman’s ingenuity. Weitzman noted that “fifty percent of what I do is engineering the shoe; 50 percent is designing it”. Amen to that, who says we can’t have it all?  These boots go with pretty much anything and have the perfect size heel, so comfortable. They add a lux touch to the sweater dress. The subtle thigh exposure is an unexpected bombshell move. No need to show off cleavage or wear short-shorts to be sexy, modesty is in.

A good rule of thumb when to revamping an outfit is to add some of color. This cobalt bag is the perfect pop while still be strong enough to hang with this edgy look. Of course, we grabbed one of favorite pairs of mirrored sunglasses. Science nerd moment: the earth is actually closest to the sun in the (northern hemisphere's) winter. Hard to believe right!? But that’s why it’s extra important to protect the delicate skin around your eyes with some fabulous eyewear. Not that we need an excuse to wear them, these are so cute it’s hard to take them off at all. With the right pair of shades you feel like you can take on the world!

Thats a wrap! stay chic XOXO