Discover "BALDININI"

The New Store at Shorthills Mall

There is no denying that we live in a digital age. Outfit links on Instagram, online shopping and virtual wardrobes on Pinterest have drastically shaped the way we shop. Don’t get me wrong, I love curling up in a fuzzy robe and shopping from the couch, but it’s also important to think of shopping as an experience. An experience where you can feel textures and gain insight on the process behind your favorite pieces. 

That’s why we’re excited to tell you all about Baldinini at Shorthills Mall. We love being able to bring our clients new and exciting trends from all across the world and hailing from Italy, Baldinini brings over some fresh inspiration! Italians know a thing or two about fabulous footwear, and we were excited to see what they had to offer. Can we just say….fantastico!  From the knowledgeable sales associates to the overall aesthetic, Baldinini knows how to turn a shopping trip into an event. The contrast of warm and cool tones read as super modern and the open space put the focus on the amazing collections. 

From fashion forward trends to straight-up shoe staples, Baldinini has it all. With prices ranging from around $350 for shoes/sneakers and $600-$800 for boots/booties, we expect high-quality, workhorse pieces and that’s what we found.  How killer are these red patent leather heels? The perfect way add a lady-like edge to any outfit.  Christmas list anyone!?

We wanted them all! When your closet runs out room there is no shame in storing shoes in the oven à la Carrie Bradshaw. Surviving on takeout alone sounds perfectly reasonable if it means a couple more pairs of fabulous shoes, right? 

One of our favorites (one of many) were these furry boots. With a thick rubber sole and fur accents, they are perfect for the snow days to come. When practicality meets style, we’re always a fan. 

Speaking of the plummeting temperatures to come, how fabulous are these coats? Fur detail to go with your fur booties. A classic puffer coat is a winter must, but keep it updated with hardware detailing. Zippers and buckles paired with the fur lining mixes feminine and fun. 

Face-framing fur elevates a standard hood, giving an arctic-princess vibe. This piece had two parts, you can open the zipper and fur trim runs down the entire front, an unexpected touch of luxury.  When something makes you feel fierce (fur trims, studs, Starbucks, etc.) there is nothing else like it. It’s the piece you reach for when you need that boost of confidence and having that go-to item is a must. 

Online shopping is great, but nothing beats the one-on-one interaction that you get in an actual brick-and-mortar store. Being surrounded by beautiful design and helpful associates makes you feel like a real VIP. We can’t wait to discover all of the treasures Baldinini will bring for our clients.

Hope you all enjoyed, Happy shopping! 





















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