Show the waist!

Spring trend alert!!

Corsets are no longer a thing of the past for fashion icons. You can see the new shirting trend pouring all the streets during Fashion Week. Corsets were used by high fashion women of the past in order to shape their bodies underneath the amazing wardrobe they were draping over….times have changed

but the fashion hasn’t! T-shirts are in for the season and we are taking it to the next level by adding a corset to the outside. Not only does it shape your body to make the outfit look more flattering but it also makes a statement. There are so many different styles and colors, you can have one that laces up or buttons. The t-shirt look isn’t the end all I love seeing ladies pairing their corset with an oversized button! We all love to shop our man’s closet and this season its actually in but it doesn’t always appear to look the best…I know all you ladies agree with me! Shirting with a corset helps tie all this seasons trends together while making us ladies look sexy and fitted! It is up to you to make it your own! I love pairing a fun vintage t-shirt with a sleek corset to take my look from day to night. 

Melissa PoloComment