Downs by Dawn!

Photography:  Arclight Images

Photography: Arclight Images

      Baby it’s cold outside. But that doesn’t mean we’re hiding away for the next few months. With an on-point coat game you can take the streets in style...sans the miserable cold feeling. There are a few things in your closet that should be investment pieces. A pair of tall boots, a structured bag and a winter coat. With things like these you really get what you pay for. Trust us, you’ll be happy with your purchase when the snow is piling-up outside. Winter isn’t coming...winter is here!

   If you’re going to spend your hard earned money on said investment pieces, they’re going to have to be stylish. What’s the point in getting a winter coat that’s frumpy and boring?  The key here is to make a classic pick, since you’ll have it around for seasons to come.

That’s why we’re loving the outerwear brand Dawn Levy. You don’t have to sacrifice a fashionable outfit for the warmth of a puffer coat. Puffer coats are a trend that will never fully go away. Since the 80s ski scene, we’ve loved the protective warm bubble they provide. Like most things from the 80s, the puffer coat has greatly improved. They are lighter, sleeker and warmer than ever. Streetwear is still all over the runways and the puffer coat is where unexpected cool meets practicality. 

    To avoid to looking like a shapeless blob of coat, search for a coat with removable belt or cinched waist options. This gives you some shape and keeps it feminine. This coat, the Nola Fox Fur-Trim Down Puffer Coat, is at the top of our winter-lust list. With duck down/feathers fill, this piece is ultra lightweight while ensuring warmth. The double front zip gives you an easy layered look, bonus!

Lets also talk about the natural fox fur-trim and lining going on with this hood. How luxurious is that!? If oversized sunglasses are the opulent staple of summer,  oversized hoods are the opulent staple of winter. Our favorite thing about this coat? The fully-lined, super warm pockets. They make such a nice touch. Hey, sometimes it’s the little things in life.  


For those of you who are looking for a little more luxury in your coat, it’s time to rock faux fur. Before you turn up your noses, take a look at this fabulous piece. Dawn Levy brings the material to a whole new level. With mega shine and luster, you don’t need to go cheap to please Peta. Rich colors make this coat the perfect statement piece and the fun pattern brings it from day to night effortlessly. With a nice weight and teal color lining, we’re all about this coat and adding touches of elegance into everyday winter wardrobes.

Photography: Arclight Images

I have selected a few styles that are on sale now!  

Coats: Dawn Levy 

Denim: Frame

Shoes: Christian Louboutin 

Sweater: Club Monaco


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