Melissa Polo Landau

Wardrobe Stylist

Why do you need Vétir Femme?

In a world that moves a mile a minute, sometimes a first impression is all you have. Whether it's for everyday essentials or a special event, what you present to the world in terms of clothing says a lot about who you are or who you want to be. Fashion is an instant language that helps align your inner image with what the world actually sees. Under the sartorial eye of Melissa Polo Landau, Vetir Femme helps you create a wardrobe that you can count on to communicate exactly what you want.

Being able to open your wardrobe and have an abundance of fashion-forward, personally-curated outfit options saves times and ensure you'll always leave the house confident in your outfit. 

Vétir Femme, "to dress women" in French, is a fashion resource for all women. From reporting on current trends, to outfit inspiration, to personalized wardrobe consulting our team is dedicated to making the fashion industry translatable to you. 


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Stylists have become just as important as trainers, assistants or a therapist to many so don’t be intimidated to hire one. Go for it and show off your amazing new look.” - BELLA MAG

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